Dead Wood – Forest

Dead Wood – Forest
Disc Plus UK Postage £3.00
Disc Plus ROW Postage £5.00

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Guitars are to be found on the release by Dead Wood, the musical project of Adam Baker, who runs his own label Dirty Demos (although we haven’t seen a new release in some time). His musical output is scattered all over the musical scenery, but here it’s all about electric guitar, feedback, sound effects and improvisation, and some of this in a noise related manner. This is not exactly easy listening music by any standard, but fine sturdy [sic] experimental/improvised music for guitar and electronics.
Vital Weekly –

Many aspects of this experience are shared with Forest, the most prominent of which being the paradoxical combination of distance and intimacy. Audio definition is lost to the tinny, crackly manner of the medium, with tiny protrusions of sonic detail becoming chipped and dented as they try to squeeze their way out of the record’s low fidelity. Yet at the same time, Forest evokes a buzz of discovering something private; a rough and unedited document, intended exclusively for personal playback. An assortment of guitar string twangs, loose feedback jets, cheap synthesiser hums, and aimless vocal muttering come clambering restlessly through the static, squashed into mono and seeping unglamorously out of the speaker – it’s a noisy album for sure, rendered quiet and somewhat peaceful in the modest means of its capture.
Jack Chuter – ATTN Magazine –

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